Seeking certification as a women or minority owned business?

The application’s daunting, but the benefits make it worth it! We can help…

Women or minority owned business

Your business could secure many more contracts, if it becomes a Certified Minority or Certified Women-owned business. This is because corporations and government agencies are required to offer contracts to a certain percentage of women or minority owned businesses. That is the good news! Now for the problem…

Often, corporations and government agencies search and search to find women or minority owned businesses to hire. Why is this so? It’s because of the intensely detailed process involved in becoming certified. Consequently many business people, unable to understand the requirements, simply give up. Yes, the application process is that formidible. But don’t lose heart, for here is the good news: if your business does manage to attain women or minority owned business certification, it could be in high demand!

At Sherlock & Zen, LLC, we are experienced in getting businesses certified for women or minority owned business status. Mr. Daniel Heffernan, an independent consultant, who regularly enters into strategic alliances with Dr. Mark Dillof, from Sherlock & Zen, has completed quite a few of these applications, during his tenure as director of Navigate Enterpises, and knows the process inside out. Together, we’ve designed a streamlined process, as we guide you every step of the way. In a short time, you could be securing lucrative financial opportunities. It does cost a bit for our expert assistance, but it’s well worth it, if you consider the potential financial rewards.

For information on how we can help you to attain women or minority owned business status, contact Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting. Or call (502) 458-7171 or email We’d love to hear from you!