Opening a New Store?

Your Location Could Make or Break You!

Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, a very nice location.

Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, in the 1930s. Stores are right alongside the elevated train.

My grandparents, Jack and Anna, emigrated from Europe to America, in the 1920s, with barely a penny to their name. They worked hard, saved some money, and when prohibition ended in 1933,they decided to open a liquor store in Park Slope, Brooklyn. At the time, there were plenty of store lots avaliable. They pondered, which location would be the most favorable?

My grandmother, Anna, was very shrewd, and perhaps a bit lucky. She found a building, with a storefront below and a living space above it. My grandparents purchased the building, and then moved in upstairs and opened their store downstairs. And what an excellent location! It was just a few stores down the block from the entrance and exit of the elevated train that ran along Fifth Avenue. People would come off the train — returning at the end of the day from work — and would pick up a bottle of liquor at my grandparents’ store to take home with them. Jack and Anna worked long hours, six days a week, and by the 1940s their liquor store was very successful. For over sixty years, that store helped my family prosper.

Dr. Mark Dillof, on location at Sherlock & Zen.

Dr. Mark Dillof, grandson of Jack and Anna, the liquor merchants, president of Sherlock & Zen, L.L.C. and a former real estate appraiser in NYC.

Inspiring story about my grandparents, but what does this have to do with you? Well, you’ve heard the axiom fundamental to real estate valuation, “Location! Location! Location!” One of the consulting services provided by Sherlock & Zen, L.L.C. involves finding a store location for retail businesses.

Dan Heffernan, on location at Sherlock & Zen.

Mr. Daniel Heffernan, has years of experience helping people find the best location for their retail store.

My business associate, Mr. Daniel Heffernan, is an expert is the process. During the years that Dan lived and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada, he assisted hundreds of business owners find the best location. Dan has developed a sophisticated sevenpoint retail selection and procurement process, which is the foundation of our retail selection services. It involves a combination of market research, analysis, insight and judgement.

If we meet with you, we would be pleased to explain to you our seven step process. It goes into far more depth than anything offered by even the best commercial real estate brokers. Furthermore, since we charge a flat fee, rather than a commission, we are able to offer an objective and unbiased opinion regarding what would be the best property fo you to rent or to purchase. Needless to say, if you are opening a store, it is vitally important that you find the best location, for once you sign a lease, you will be stuck at that address for at least several years.

We also provide a lease advisement service, which can help you to obtain more favorable terms with a landlord. Yes, you may be shrewd like my grandmother, Anna, and perhaps lucky, but why leave things to chance, when you can have Dan and I do the research for you, and have us advise you along the way? That way your chances of success will be much greater.

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