They come for an occasional business lunch..
How can you turn them into regulars?

There's nothing like a business with regulars.

What’s true of the restaurant business is true of most types of business — while it’s vitally important to have a steady stream of new faces, you really need regulars, i.e., repeat customers, those who continully frequent your establishment in winter, summer, spring and fall, to survive and to thrive.

It’s not just that regulars create a steady cash flow, certainly enough to keep the lights on. It’s also that they can become your evangelists, praising your company and encouraging other people to become new customers. That’s how Apple did it, as have many much smaller businesses. And you can too, as you learn and employ the marketing secrets, which we can teach you. 

To begin with, Sherlock & Zen, LLC can help you to make your products or services more appealing. And often, through our conversations, our clients will have epiphanies; they will discover wonderful ideas for new products and services. (It’s not unusual for their epiphany to occur hours or weeks latter, such as when they are having luck, or in the middle of the night, in a dream!)

We can also recommend various marketing and communications strategies to help you to stay more in touch with your customers, such as newsletters, coupon text messages, social media and website strategies, as well as more traditional marketing, such as radio, TV, postcards, and press releases. What we specialize in, though, is niche marketing. Whatever your line of work — whether you own a departemnt store of a Karate school or any other going concern — there are probably thousands of competing businesses in Louisville Kentucky and in every other city, and so you need to be perceived as unique if you are to avoid direct competition. 

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