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This man needs more clients.

Are you a professional struggling to create or to expand a private practice? Whatever profession you’re in — for example, doctor, lawyer, accountant, architect, or designer — you’ve invested time and money to earning your degrees and professional credentials. Indeed, you’ve paid your dues, at leaast educationally. And you may have been part of  a large professional practice, but seek the independence and satisfaction of being a solelow professional. Now it’s time for you to hang up your shingle and offer your services. Alas, in today’s highly competitive environment, that’s easier said than done. Indeed, obtaining clients can be no less daunting than earning a doctorate. 

Sherlock & Zen, LLC can provide you with an effective marketing strategy, one designed to significantly increase your client, or customer, base. As we find out more about you — your interests and your strengths —  the particular competition that you’re facing and the unmet needs of potential clients, we’ll help you to create your own specialized niche. For more information, please call us at 502-458-7171. or email us at: (You can also read a bit more of our thoughts on marketing.) We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!