When your company’s entire future
depends on an effective letter…

it’s time to contact Sherlock & Zen!

A person surprised on reading a highly effective letter.

A well-written letter or ad isn’t ho-hum. It will get a reaction from delight to shock to “Wow, this company sells what we need! Let’s contact them immediately!”

Never underestimate the power of an effective letter. It can convince another company to enter into a joint venture with you, gain the attention of an influential journalist, persuade investors to purchase an interest in your company, and regain the trust of a former key customer. The same is true of everything from radio ads to press releases, from business plans to informational videos.

Here’s the key to writing an effective letter, as well that species of an effective letter, the sales piece: consider who will be on the receving end. Not surprisingly, the same missive may receive a very different response if sent out to corporate executives than it would if you sent it to entrepreneurs. It’s imperative that you “know thy prospects.”

For most corporate communications, your in-house staff of brochure and blog writers will suffice. There are times, though, when you have only a narrow window of opportunity to sell yourself, your ideas or your company’s products. That’s when it’s smart to hire an expert, if only to get a second opinion or to edit and improve an existing letter or ad. Dr. Mark Dillof, president of Sherlock & Zen, not only has a knack for engaging writing; he’s always been intensely interested in understanding people and what motivates them. Indeed, he’s written a number of books on the subject and taught psychology at several colleges. He’s uniquely skilled to write a sales piece that will open doors for you.

P.S. Direct marketing? Radio and TV? Social media? Video scripts? Press Releases? Glad you asked! Yes, we can do it all for you. Would you like to see a sample of an effective letter that has been transformed into a persuasive sales piece? You’re reading it! By the way, one of the best ways to generate new business leads is a website landing page. That’s where you seek to persuade a person to sign up for a free offer, with the intent of acquiring his or her name and email address. We can create an effective landing page for you!

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