When you need a marketing consultant…

Consider what Sherlock & Zen, LLC brings to the table!

Business executives receiving marketing consulting from a consultant.

The consultant, the friendly fellow with the gray hair, asks a few questions and then lets the staff offer a plethora of often wonderful ideas, lucrative possibilities. That’s what we do at Sherlock & Zen.

Do you own or manage a company? More than likely, you’re overlooking lucrative opportunities. And you may be failing to fully exploit the intellectual capital of your company. Business and marketing consulting can help you to discern these opportunities and to capitalize on them.

We often begin by interviewing both staff and management. In the course of our investigation, we may uncover competitive advantages and potential market niches that you didn’t realize existed. We might also discover major areas for improvement, such as rebranding your products and services, or even your company itself. Or it might simply involve more effective advertising, public relations, packaging, promotion publicity and positioning.

Business executives receiving marketing consulting from a consultant.

The consultant, who is smiling, enjoys looking at management’s faces, when they realize that they’ve been sitting on a gold mine without realizing it.

Indeed, we might uncover aspects of your business, outside of the realm of marketing, that are in need of improvement. For example, we might discover that your business processes are outmoded or that there exists interdepartmental conflicts or that employee morale is low. You could then utilize our expertise in the area of conflict resolution, team building, and organizational development. Even apart from what we might uncover, the mere act of having a friendly consultant conduct interviews usually has a powerfully stimulating effect on a company.

Our consulting assignment might end there. Or you might have us help implement the desired changes. This could involve anything from restructuring your organization to finding new markets, from uncovering new areas of distribution to building a new website or launching a new advertising campaign. We don’t have proficiency in everything, but we do have a network of experts, throughout the world, who often work with us on various projects.


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