Intend to launch a new business?

Our Special Programs can guide you through the complexities…

An ancient sage once wrote, “All beginnings are difficult.” Starting a new business is no exception. With that in mind, Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting, has created several programs to help you to get your business off the ground. Are you ready to launch a new business?


Marketing Jump-Start

• Target marketing to jump-start your sales
• Focussing on marketing with the fastest imact
• Using marketing materials that are most effective
• Creating a powerful 1st impression so your clients tell
others about you
• Distinguising your business from the competition
• Making your website a powerful lead generator

We have jump-start programs other than these listed,
and we can even custom-design a program based on
your particular needs. Email us or give us a call to set up an appointment. Then, after chatting for a while, we’ll be discern your prticular business needs. The initial conversation is free, so call today!

For help with launching a new business, please contact Mark Dillof at Sherlock & Zen, LLC., Business Consulting.
Call us at 502-458-7171 or email us at

Business Jump-Start

• Business Registration with Local & State LLC
• EIN Registration with IRS
• Business Account Set up
• Meeting with a Business Consultant

Loan Packaging Jump-Start

• Written Formal Business Plan
• Loan Application Support


Virgil guided Dante from Hell to Purgatory to Paradise. We’ll guide you past the pitfalls of starting a new business. (Yeah, we love analogies.)

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