Not only is it lonely at the top,

it’s also easier to lose your balance up there…

Stressed-out by life's multiple demands. Need to regain your balance?

Now that you’re the boss, you’re probably working much longer hours, and have a lot more responsibilities and headaches. Consequently, you may feel more stressed-out by life’s multiple demands. You’re home less, which may be putting pressure on your marriage. You neither see your kids nor your friends as often as you would like. And your doctor warns that you need to find the time to exercise. And if your company should grow from small business to major corporation, it will only get more stressful, for then you’ll have the board to deal with, as well as your stockholders.

Sherlock & Zen, LLC can help you to gain control over your time, your energy, your resources — both inner and outer — and your life. Some of our recommendations, such as setting priorities, you’ve heard before, while other recommendations — such as Zen meditation or atending Dr. Dillof’s mystical academy  — are more esoteric, but valuable in becoming more centered. Our goal, in any case, is to help you to become more focussed, balanced, and energetic, which are qualities you need as a leader. Indeed, the best leaders, in business and in politics — everyone from Washington to Lincoln, from Churchill to Golda Meir — have been able to uncover in themseles a source of inner stregnth in the face of adversity. There is a certain heroism that belongs to business enterprise and we believe that you can, if you wish, discover it. And we would like to do all that we can to offer guidance in that respect.

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