Family businesses
aren’t all peaches & cream…

Family businesses, have a unique set of problems.

Discord in family businesses can arise for multiple reasons. It may be due to the usual sort of intergenerational psychodynamics, to personality conflicts, to power struggles and to clashing visions of a company’s future.

Staff who are family usually spend more time together than they would in a non-family business, which serves to aggravate these conflicts. Furthermore, complications often arise because the founders usually wish to pass on their business to their heirs. A policy of nepotism often demoralizes other employees, causing some of the best and the brightest to leave the company. And sometimes the children, who are slated to inherit a company, have little real interest in doing so, but don’t wish to disappoint their parents. Consequently, they often become weak leaders, failing to rise to the occasion. There are many other problems, and as the classics of literature reveal, it makes no difference if you reside Leningrad Russia or Louisville Kentucky, life’s problems are universal and they invariably find expression in family businesses. 

Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting, understands the unique challenges facing family businesses. We can help you to alleviate the conflicts that so often arise, and can at least help you to strive to create an atmosphere of teamwork and harmony. If your people are happier, the lines of communication will greatly improve and your business is likely to become more successful, and a more pleasent place to work with less abentiasm. 

But the reverse is also the case: if your company is growing at a nice pace, people will be financially rewarded, happier and less in conflict with each other, confirming the maxim that nothing succeeds like success.

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