About Dr. Mark Dillof

Dr. Mark Dillof, president of Sherlock & Zen, LLC

Mark Dillof is founder and president of Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting. He has had a long, varied and rather unusual career. In addition to having worked as a management consultant, he has been a stockbroker on Wall Street, a real estate assessor for the City of New York, a college instructor, a psychotherapist, a professional magician, a bartender, a copywriter, a suit and tie salesman, public speaker, and an author. This diverse work experience has helped Dr. Mark Dillof to gain insight into people, especially in their careers.

Dr. Dillof earned a BA and an MA in philosophy, from Binghamton University, an MA is psychology from the New School for Social Research, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in philosophy and psychology from Union Institute and University. While studying psychology in graduate school, he minored in organizational development. As part of his program, he did an almost two year internship as a consultant and executive coach. Mark wrote his dissertation on paranoia as a worldview, and its emergence in organizations. It has been published as, “The Paranoid Vision.” He has written several other books, as well as numerous essays. More about his popular books can be found on Amazon. Many of his fascinating philosophical and psychological essays, have been read by a by a great many people, over the years.

Mark has long been intrigued and involved with business innovation and entrapreneurship, but his deep interest in philosophy and his existential concern for life’s deeper questions remains unabated. He is currently director of the Louisville Mystical Academy, as well as the Bluegrass Leadership Academy and Executive Finishing School. Like Dan Heffernan, Mark Dillof is a transplant to Louisville, Kentucky — he was born in Manhattan — and has resided in Louisville for only a few years.-original_Logo-Sherlock_Zen