Business Coaching & Training

Executive coaching is the most popular form of business coaching. It’s usually offered by companies who require their managers to develop certain skills. In that sense business coaching is remedial. For example, rookie managers might need to develop their people skills, so as to get up to speed with the other managerial staff.

Executive business coaching & training

Coaching is individualized, but sometimes small training groups are ideal.

But sometimes executive coaching and training is intended to enhance a manager’s skills, above and beyond the norm for a particular company. Leadership coaching is often of that type. In some cases, it even strives to have an executive become, to use one of Abraham Maslow’s favorite phrases, self-actualized.

Sherlock & Zen offers both remedial coaching and training, as well as executive enhancement coaching. And we offer it not only in Louisville Kentucky, but throughout the world. Furthermore, we offer it not only to managers, but to business owners, entrepreneurs, and even to professionals, such as doctors and lawyers — indeed, to anyone seeking to become a more developed person and a stronger leader.

Our coaching is offered throgh a subsidiary of Sherlock & Zen called “Plato’s attache: life & Business advisory.” As you might infer from its name, our coaching has a strong philosophical component. Dr. Dillof is not the first to contend that a key requirement for success in business as in life is following the Socratic maxim, “Know thyself.”

Sherlock & Zen also offers training, both to staff as well as to executives. Training often overlaps with another service that we offer, namely seminars. Dr. Dillof offers a variety of seminars.
Please see: Organizational retreats is another possibility. Finally, you may be interest in the Bluegrass Executive Finishing School & Leadership Academy.

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