Business Seminars

Business seminars? Yes, this is a photo of Dr. Mark Dillof giving one.

Dr. Mark Dillof, cofounder of Sherlock & Zen, LLC, offers corporate seminars

There are business seminars that impart valuable skills — everything from improving customer service to improving one’s writing abilities — and then there are business seminars that change people’s lives in a more fundamental sense, helping them to find meaning, purpose, and the insights that lead to self-actualization, in their careers and in all aspects of their lives. Both types of seminars have their place in the business world. Sherlock & Zen specialize in the latter type of business seminar.

You might think that we are referring to motivational speaking. On the contrary, a motivational speech may be emotionally moving and cathartic, but the feelings that such speeches evoke soon fade away, leaving listeners essentially unchanged. Indeed, the next day eveyone who heard the speech is the same. (And yet, ironically, people will rave about how inspiring the motivational business speaker was. And the same is true whether you live in Louisville Kentucky or in any other part of the world.) The only thing that changes anything in people’s lives is insight into who we are and what life is all about. A seminar that can do that is powerful!

Business seminars? Yes, Dr. Dillof's seminars are quite lively.

Dr. Mark Dillof, president of Sherlock Zen, LLC, has created a business seminar series called “The Wonder Seminars.” They are intended to help you to better understand who you are, who other people are, and what life is all about. This is not simply a philosophical pursuit. In the long run, our happiness and even our sense of fulfillment in business requires that we gain this wisdom.


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