Business owner? Entrepreneur? Executive?

We have business consulting programs, designed just for you…


Business owner? We have business conulting programs designed for you.

Owning a business can be rewarding, but also a major source of headaches. Sherlock & Zen can help you sort things out and consider creative new business ideas.

Did you really think that life would get easier when you became a business owner, entrepreneur, or senior executive? If it was difficult before, now you have a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders. Amidst life’s daily challenges and crises, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Is there a remedy? Yes, Sherlock & Zen has created a business consulting program designed just for you.

You’ll be surpirsed to learn that we don’t provide advice. Rather, we provide illumination and insight. When we’re successful, and we often are, new possibillities will emerge and a new direction will appear before you.

The curious thing is that there often exist lucrative opportunities to which a business owner, executive or entrepreneur is oblivious. That’s because he or she is too close to a situation. But sometimes a consultant can help you to discern these opportunities. Indeed, that’s our specialty.

What sort of opportunities? We can’t know until we begin a project. But a guiding principle of our consulting is to find opportunities that involve decreasing the competative preasure of the marketplace. We do this by helping our clients find a lucrative niche, if not a monopoly.

It’s What We Don’t Do that Counts…

A good consulting company brings to an assignment its skills, experience, a reputation. What also makes Sherlock & Zen different, though, is what we leave behind, when we see a client! And what we leave behind is a procrustean bed of assumptions — intellectual constructs, derived from case studies, rife amongst graduates of MBA programs, as well as management fads touted in popular business periodicals. Yes, we leave it all at the door, before entering your premises.

Dan Heffernan and Mark Dillof disccusing hao to impliment a business consulting program.

Dan Heffernan (left) working with Dr. Mark Dillof, to develop a strategy to help a client organization

Instead, we strive — as should every entrepreneur — to view each situation with fresh vision. It requires us to listen more and talk less. You might say that we follow the Tao of management consulting.

Sounds intriguing? If so, you don’t have to reside in Louisville Kentucky to take advantage of our business consulting. We will travel almost anywhere to do a business consulting assignment. And, of course, thanks to telaphone and Skype, we’re able to provide executive coaching long distance.

Business consultng? Yes, that is what our logo says.

For info, contact Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting, at: 502-458-7171 or you can email us at: Related to business consulting is executive coaching.