About Dan Heffernan

Dan Heffernan

Dan Heffernan is an independent consultant, who regularly enters into strategic alliances with Sherlock & Zen, on various projects. Dan specializes in small business development.

Since 2009, he has worked for NEC (Navigate Enterprise Center), a division of Jewish Career and Family Services, in Louisville, Kentucky.NEC offers advice and distributes loans to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who wish to launch a business. In 2012, Dan became the director of NEC. Since then, he has mentored and coached hundreds of owners of small businesses — many of whom have achieved business success — and is highly regarded in the field of small business advising.

Originally from Minnesota, Dan, his wife and three children moved to Louisville in 2009. A graduate of Brown, Dan was only nineteen when he started his first business, a mobile DJ business. By his early twenties, he had a highly lucrative career as a consultant to the fitness industry.

Since then, Dan has bought and sold many successful small businesses. He has also owned Nextel and Sprint stores, has worked for MCI and WorldCom, was VP of East Coast Operations for SocialTainment, VP of sales and marketing for UFC Fitness Consulting, Director of Sales for Diversa-com, and Sales Director for “The Broadcast Team/Code Red.”-original_Logo-Sherlock_Zen